Gift Baskets

  • Venice Express

    Venice Express

    A delicious sampling of old Italy including 3 pastas, 2 sauces and a delicious pesto.

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  • Roman Holiday

    Roman Holiday

    Why not make him feel like an emperor with this gourmet feast?

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  • Magnificent Milano

    Magnificent Milano

    An amazing selection of gourmet items that will never be forgotten.

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  • Mama Mia

    Mama Mia

    A selection of gourmet items guaranteed to brighten her special day.

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  • Tuscan Traveler

    Tuscan Traveler

    A gourmet Italian feast will brighten her day no matter what the occasion

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  • Taste of Italy

    Taste of Italy

    A romantic getaway to the old country to excite their taste buds.

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  • Viva Italia

    Viva Italia

    A gourmet dinner for two including pasta, sauce, bruchetta, crackers and biscotti.

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  • Pasta Bella

    Pasta Bella

    A selection of 2 gourmet pastas and 2 specialty sauces in a beautiful wicker basket.

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