Legend of the Flying Noodle

Once upon a time, in a long-forgotten part of the Italian countryside nestled at the base of the Apennine Mountains, there was a tiny village named Levino. Levino was a peaceful hamlet and the simple villagers who lived there were a peaceful and prosperous people. But, like so many seemingly simple things, this quaint little village was really not that simple at all.

You see, the villagers of Levino were known far and wide as the greatest culinary artisans ever to live and, for hundreds upon hundreds of years, the gourmet pastas, sauces, pastries and sweets of Levino were recognized as the finest in the world. Their creations were enjoyed by Kings and Queens, by great artists and brave explorers, and by common men who all agreed that the gifts of Levino could never be equaled

As you may imagine, many tried to imitate them. But none were ever successful. Because Levino had a secret.

For as long as time had existed, the villagers had lived their lives in the shadow of a great and mighty, some may say mythical, creature. It was said that the power of this creature was the magical force that allowed the villagers to produce gourmet creations that could never be equaled by mere men alone. It was a blessing of immense fortune... but it came with a heavy price.

For each year, when the sun was at its lowest point in the winter sky, the village elders would make the dangerous climb to the very summit of the mountains to pay their respects to the all-powerful creature that legend held lived among the highest peaks. the mighty Flying Noodle. It was a journey of immense peril and not all who made it would return.

With them the villagers brought the finest gourmet creations they had produced throughout the year - pastas and sauces; wines and cheeses, cookies, cakes and pastries. - a bounty capable of satisfying the gods themselves. All was left upon the highest peak as a sacrifice to the Flying Noodle in the hopes that the magnificent creature would choose to bestow upon the village a new year of blessings and prosperity. And legend has it that the mighty creature never failed to honor their sacrifice.

Hundreds of years later, although the village of Levino no longer appears on any map, many say that it still exists. And that those simple villagers are still making the perilous journey every year to pay their respects to the Flying Noodle.

Today, we strive to keep the Legend of the Flying Noodle alive by providing our customers with the same quality, gourmet items that would make the artisans of Levino proud - and perhaps, in our own little way, to pay our own respects to the great and mighty Flying Noodle.